WBConfCall 2013.05.02-Agenda and Minutes

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May 2nd, 2013 Conference Call Minutes

Agenda items

WS238 release schedule

  • We are trying to move the build 1-2 weeks earlier for WS238, so the webteam will have additional time to develop the WS238 website, as they will release one-two weeks early for the IWM. We hope to make WS238 available in the week 13-17th May.
  • Question: should WS237 be released a little early, to minimise the time during which the web-site is two releases behind the data?

Meetings, conferences and workshops

  • Filariasis Resource Centre workshop - if you want anything specifically promoted to the parasite community, please raise them in the next few days
  • IWM - any business to discuss?
    • Poster session logistics