WBConfCall 2013.04.04-Agenda and Minutes

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April 4, 2013 Conference Call Minutes

2013 International C. elegans Meeting

  • Abstracts for posters & talks due next Friday, April 12th by midnight US East Coast time
  • Abstracts must be less than 2500 characters including: title, authors, affiliations, text, spaces, and even possibly unused spaces at the end of a line
  • We will have (tentatively) 6 posters to present:
    1. Genome Sequences & Species (EBI/Hinxton)
    2. Strains & Variations (EBI/Hinxton)
    3. Textpresso (Textpresso/Caltech)
    4. Gene Expression & Regulation (Caltech)
    5. Gene Function & Dysfunction (Caltech)
    6. Interactions and WikiPathways (Caltech)
  • We will have four workshops:
    1. Data mining workshop (twice, once on Thursday, again on Saturday) - JD and Todd
    2. WormBase Workshop A - Sequences, modENCODE data, comparative genomics - Kevin
    3. WormBase Workshop B - Phenotypes, Interactions, Pathways, and Human Disease - Chris
  • Workshop descriptions due by April 23rd, but best to get them in ASAP
    • We can submit all workshop descriptions together under that same heading
    • JD, Todd, Kevin, and Chris will write workshop descriptions and coordinate submission
  • Kevin also submitting an abstract to give a brief plenary talk outlining our presence at the IWM

WS238 Premodels file available for testing

  • Testing models.wrm file available on CVS as "preWS238"
  • There could be minor changes that occur to the models between now and the final commit (at next conference call)
  • Please test models file with your data and inform Paul of any problems/changes

BioCuration meeting coming up

  • People from Caltech attending: Karen, Daniela, Michael Müller (Textpresso), Kimberly (going to GO meeting)