WBConfCall 2012.11.01-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Model change

2. help desk issues need to be discussed

--ticket #588 David Baillie from Vancouver group would like wormbase to fix the BC strains (gfp expression strains) display, so that users won't request allele strain from them.


  • Regarding David Baillie request, the webteam will expand the strain table of Gene to include info on strains carrying transgenes. Ticket already issued #595. Transgene name and summary will be displayed in the table.
  • Hinxton & WashU working on Brugia (curation of gene models, RNASeq transcripts, introns, SL1s, expression profiles, operons, annotation of gene properties of interest). Data will be in WS236 as tier II, and maybe WS235 as tier III.
  • Added 8 additional RNAseq libraries.
  • Put in reference genome sequence corrections for C. elegans, will go in WS235
  • Caltech getting ready for upload. Lineagenomics data from Waterson/Murray lab will be in WS235.
  • Chris working on RNAi probe mapping and display. Remapped Ahringer PCR products to genome.
  • Raymond will spend time on AmiGO and see how can be beneficial to us. Raymond does not have yet the complete code.
  • SAB meeting on Jan 28-29th 2013