WBConfCall 2012.10.03-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda items WBConferenceCall 2012-10-04

1. Model changes (Hinxton)

  • Couple weeks before sign off
    • Strain model - add Database connection
    • Molecule model - add Paper XREF
  • Any more model changes need to be brought up soon
  • Potential change for Position Weight Matrix (to include data from Gary Stormo) - Xiaodong

2. Outstanding help desk issues

  • Recent e-mail regarding download of brief identification info from Batch Genes (in legacy)
  • 'Nearby Genes' search tool in legacy
    • Github issue #507
    • Asking about way to do this in new site
    • Todd says this won't get ported until WS235 at the earliest
    • Can someone develop a query (AQL?) to address this

3. FlyBase SAB

  • FlyBase has some good data query tools
  • Incorporating human disease relevance - trying to advertise their efforts to non-fly communities
  • Use OrthoDB for orthology calls and relation to human genes

4. Human Disease

  • Paul Sternberg will discuss human disease relations to model organisms at GO meeting at Caltech this weekend
  • Paul Davis pointed out that the human disease widget will be populated starting with WS234 by (already existing) orthology calls. In addition manually curated data from CalTech should show where available.

5. SPELL for Tier II species

  • RNA-seq data is becoming available for Tier II species
  • Can users download Tier II species (gene-centric) data from SPELL?
  • Hinxton: currently only C. elegans SPELL-mapping data shows up on FTP server (but we produce data for all tier II and III nematodes); Tier II can be handled like tier I linking to gene pages, what about Tier III
  • Raymond: once Gary Williams/Michael Paulini send Tier II files, we can incorporate (next upload, WS235)
  • Tier III genes in SPELL could be linked to GBrowse, although no proper gene pages exist