WBConfCall 2012.09.20-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Grant

Will be mailed Monday morning.

2. Model changes (Hinxton)

- Changes are in the works, nothing due for this call.

3. Outstanding Help Desk issues

#465 https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/465 I blasted (blastp) a protein seq against C. angaria and B. xelophilus and got hits -

Cang_2012_03_13_00435.g10819.t10 BUX.s00713.800

- but apparently there's no sequence available to download? How do I get these sequences? They also don't appear to have been deposited in GenBank - why is this?

4. Asana (Tracking Tools)

  • We should commit to a tool, think about what we want to accomplish.
  • Basecamp and Github have different positives and negatives.
  • We have wiki, Github, emails.
  • We should store all code in a WormBase repository.
  • Can keep documentation on wiki.
  • Hopefully can cleanup double-posting of email / Github.
  • Todd + Chris will take a look.

5. Daily updates

- Build a web service to display the data directly from postgreSQL.