WBConfCall 2012.08.16-Agenda and Minutes

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Model Change Sign Off

for WS234

?Transgene - Karen. Add Public_name so we can assign ids to transgenes to better coordinate these objects among multiple data curation pipelines, their current names will be moved to the Public_name tag.

?Laboratory & ?Variation - Paul D. Remove the XREF connection between the ?Laboratory class and the ?Variation class as this is a heavy weight connectivity tag for the large projects that really isn't needed

?Picture - Daniela. Add Species UNIQUE ?Species

Open Help Desk Issue

issue 241 "Nucl. Aligner Tool bug."

issue 360 "user-reported browser issues"

issue 400 "[wormbase-help] Genetic map data"

issue 405 "I have a trouble when the new version of wormbase was in use."

issue 406 "User account not activated"

issue 407 "Error message in ran-1 gene interactions"

issue 409 "[wormbase-help] WBGene00000263 Concise Description"

issue 410 "[wormbase-help] Wormbase login"

issue 412 "Chris Rongo used to have the Wormbase Query on his webpage"

issue 413 "https://www.wormbase.org/register broken"

issue 414 "You might also consider this a feature request. (OMIM)"

issue 420 "[wormbase-help] mec-1 sequence (Sequences widget: No sequences data for mec-1)"

Help Desk

RL: can we merge issues from github and help@ email?

TH: yes. that can be done.

PD: Documentation/SOP of Help Desk github would be very helpful. Will start a wiki page.

TH: We need a project management tool, github is not necessarily the best tool.