WBConfCall 2012.08.02-Agenda and Minutes

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August 2, 2012 Conference Call Meeting Minutes

Model Proposal deadline for WS234:

  • Transgene addition of Public_name
  • Postpone deadline for a week, sign off will be on the next conference call
  • Paul will check on the schedule

Help Desk

  • next officer Raymond Aug 6
  • lost e-mail? Laura Vallier about the synteny browser, Chris will forward it.

Center Summary

  • Webteam [Todd]- by and large on vacation now
    • WS232 a couple days late on production will go out today
    • New Help desk feature for reporting issues on website - will create a ticket on github
      • good for funding
      • adds transparency
      • will be labeled as help desk
      • will require more work, help desk officer will need to close the ticket
      • should we be capturing the answers? Todd: in favor of officer or whomever, add a comment when resolving
      • Todd looked into ways for users to receive feedback from github. Various ways to refine this process. Ideally it would be good to tie the user to the ticket.
      • would be good for everyone to use github for own issue tracking
      • most of user requests come in from webform
      • SOP for Help desk officer
        • user will get link to the issue, if they want to follow it they can
        • all internal discussions done on github? github has e-mail integration, can use that if want
        • help desk officer should make an effort to close the ticket on github if it got resolved with a suitable comment on the ticket
  • Caltech
    • Grant writing
    • Hardest problem - Raymond dealing with large dataset from Cathy Rankin, importing video data- 6000 movies for 500 mutant strains- 600Gb of primary data of locomotion phenotypes. They want us to host all the data, software, and documentation. Involves strain data that will be propagated to gene and allele pages. Raymond proposes that YouTube host the movies and we provide the links. Todd likes this idea and we can embed the video in the site, don't need to link out to it. Stability of YouTube?
      • Similar problems with WeiWei Zhong and other's datasets; problem with comparing datasets. Raymond proposes that we do not analyze the data ourselves, only provide summaries, we will keep the primary data for people to download and do their own analysis.
    • (Chris) BioGrid- genetic interaction ontology, working with PsiMI. Will be reviewed by yeast people this week.
  • Hinxton
    • vacations and Olympics
    • Kevin doing grant writing
    • WS223 ready
    • Michael working on GBrowse Instance for Brugia
    • Gary getting started on implementing high confidence genome changes
  • P. Good home now, recovering from a stroke, still has a long way to go, but making good progress. Paul will send out address so people can send in a card.


  • 1st draft deadline
  • Already wrote up progress report, need to focus on plans
  • Big issues include plans for the database- mostly Hinxton and OICR, what are major issues to come to grips with
    • [Lincoln] Underlying database, there is a concrete plan to move away from acedb
    • [Lincoln] Enable people to do analysis on the data - Intermine is a major part of this point. Intermine not good on doing statistics and numeric summaries (implement Galaxy and UPathDB), good at slicing and dicing data. [Todd] we have a developer for Intermine (half-time), accepted position and will start in next 6 months. Intermine being used by many groups so seem supported.
  • WashU
    • working with Hinxton on Brugia
    • getting elegans cue cut down