WBConfCall 2012.05.17-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Life_stage model change

From Daniela,

Life_stage model change proposal:

?Life_stage Public_name UNIQUE Text

Is just adding the Public_name tag. We need this to store the Life_stage names after the name to ID switch.

2. RNAi clone mapping efforts

What is the current status of clone mapping efforts for RNAi objects at Hinxton?

PCR_product/DNA text mapping will be handed over as of next upload


Sporadic web erros

  • May be due to web caching or may be due to server errors
  • May be load dependent

Life_stage model change

  • Add Public_name tag to accommodate switch to IDs as main identifier

RNAi clone mapping

  • Some PCR_products have odd # oligos (> 2 or < 2)
  • Some have oligos that do not map (because genome has changed)
  • How should we handle oligos that do not map?
    • Will make model change to distinguish original primer submissions from ones used to map to genome

Model change submissions

  • Due by next conference call (June 7th)
  • Interaction model change in the works

Source BioScience

  • Relationship to WormBase? No
  • Source BioScience claims they have fully sequenced Ahringer RNAi clones
    • Could they give us the confirmed sequence?
    • Raymond will send Paul Davis link to page that describes sequence verification