WBConfCall 2011.07.21-Agenda and Minutes

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Conference call 21st July 2011

Apologies for absence:

Paul S.

Start 16:30 GMT


- new site will go public beta on September 1st. There will be a link from the old site to encourage people to explore.

- WormBase staff are encouraged to test test test.

- beta.wormbase is not a dev site, so all errors should be reported.

Build 227

- elegans - gene set + new RNASeq-based intron curation features

- japonica - assembly and gene set

- brenneri - assembly and gene set

- briggsae - gene set + RNASeq-based intron features

- C. sp. 11 - new gene set (Erich's RNASeq-guided Augustus predictions).

- work on C. sp. 7 and 9 has been suspended in light of cross-contamination issue

- draft gene set for new Brugia assembly ready, but release in WormBase some time off

- WS227 due out on ftp.sanger.ac.uk in first week of August

WormBase publcations

- Karen agreed to take the lead on NAR and/or Worm. Everyone agreed (Caltech's turn on the rota anyway).

- NAR should be update based (data-oriented changes since 2010 edition). Worm article can be more comprehensive.

- More than one paper for Worm?

- Should also do an additional paper for new the web-site.

- Ideas/suggestions invited for content of all of these.