Vulval development

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Vulval development in C. elegans

Signaling pathways

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WNT [EGF] [Notch]

Process steps

Morphogenesis of ventral epithelia

Generation of VPC's
Vulval Precursor Patterning
Generation of the adult
Anchor cell invasion
Morphogenesis of the vulva
Generation of the anchor cell: AC/UV decision

Morphogenesis of uterine epithelia

Uterine patterning: pi cell induction
Uterine patterning: uv1 induction
Patterning of adult cell types: 1° lineage
Patterning of adult cell types: Polarity of 2° lineage


(from WBook chapter "Vulval development")
apm-1, apx-1, ark-1, bam-2, bar-1, cdf-1, ced-10, ceh-20, cki-1, cog-1, cye-1, dig-1, dpy-22, dpy-23, dsl-1, eff-1, efl-1, egl-13, egl-17, egl-18, egl-19, egl-26, egl-30, egl-38, elt-6, evl-20, gap-1, gpa-5, hda-1, hsp-16.49, ksr-1, lag-2, let-23, let-60, lin-1, lin-3, lin-4, lin-11, lin-12, lin-14, lin-17, lin-18, lin-25, lin-28, lin-29, lin-31, lin-35, lin-39, lin-44, lip-1, lst-1, lst-2, lst-3, lst-4, mab-5, mdt-6, mig-2, par-1, pop-1, rom-1, sem-4, sli-1, sqv-1, sqv-2, sqv-3, sqv-4, sqv-5, sqv-6, sqv-7, sqv-8, sra-13, sur-2, syg-1, unc-62, unc-101, zmp-1, syg-2, lin-15A


(from WBook chapter "Vulval development"), P8.p, P11, P6.p, P2.p, P8.pp,, P1, G1, P1.p, P5.p, P4.p, P9.p, P4.pp, P3.pp,, P2, P7.p, P11.p, P3, P3.p

Associated GO assignments