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1. Set up your own account.

Different centers have a communal account that can be used to assign tasks to; however, it is not advised to enter an issue from the communal account. By entering an issue from your own account, people can directly contact you if they have questions, and you can more easily follow the action on that issue.

2. Find and follow the tharris/wormbase project:

Click on "Follow" (by the red heart) to be added as a groupie to this project.

3. To report an issue: Choose the 'issues' tab from the wormbase bitbucket page which will take you to
  • Choose "Create new" in the menu bar immediately above the issue list, this will take you to an issue entry form.
  • Enter issue name and brief description
  • Assigning the issue
    • website problem/request -> webdev_team or todd
    • Caltech problem/request -> wbcit
    • Sanger problem/request -> wormbase_ant(?)
    • St. Louis problem/request -> ?
    • If the person/center is not in the list, assign the issue to "nobody", and make sure to e-mail the person/center.
    • If you don't know who to assign it to, assign it to "nobody" or "todd", it will be reassigned when Todd gets a chance to have a look.
  • Other issue properties: if you are submitting a help desk question, be sure to choose "Help Desk" from the "Component" drop down list. Otherwise, fill out as many property tags as you want; these can be corrected by the person you assigned the issues to, so don't worry about them so much.
  • Click "follow issue updates" if you want to get updates sent to your mailbox as they are posted.
  • Click "report issue" to submit the issue.
  • To make sure it was added to the list, go back to the issue list. It should be listed automatically as "New". Todd or the person assigned to the task will update the status as they are dealing with it.

Todd's initial e-mail with instructions on how and what to report through bitbucket.

 From: Todd Harris <>
 Subject: [WormBase-staff] New feature request policy (strongly recommended)
 Date: 18 September 2009 16:59:07 PDT
 To: Wormbase Staff <>
 Hi all -
 As the web development team has grown, we need your help in
 prioritizing development and tracking progress.  Don't worry, I'm not
 asking you to use Basecamp.  The bar for participation is low and
 doesn't supplant the mailing lists.  Still, it will help us immensely.
 New feature requests should be entered at:
 Suggestions that will increase the likelihood your request will be
 dealt with promptly include:
 1. Register as a user and submit under your username.
 This will allow you to track issues and make sure we are following up
 on them in a timely manner.  We won't be able to follow up on
 anonymous requests and may move on to other tasks.
 2. Include sufficient detail.
 Use the comment form as needed.  Add links to illustrate bugs or test
 cases.  Leave as much information as you think is warranted so that we
 can triage and prioritize.
 3. Report fine-grained issues.
   Example: Add paralogs to the Gene Summary page
 For larger projects that require many discrete tasks to complete, we
 can create a new "Component" for easy grouping of tasks.
 What types of things should be reported?
 * Model changes that need to be displayed
 * Any sort of enhancements to existing pages
 * New displays that we're missing
 * Any and everything that you'd like to see on the site
 * Bug reports
 Thanks for your help!