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How can users find out what is new in each WormBase release? Actually all the information is in the notes for each new WS release, which can be directly accessed from the WormBase homepage.


Under the Web Site Directory, go to Release Notes and click on New/Changed Genes. This will show the latest wormpep release. To access additional information about the latest WormBase release, go to the Database Reports heading to the left of the wormpep report and click on Current_Release. You will see a diagram showing how WormBase data are generated from multiple small databases and what the data pipeline looks like.

To the left of the diagram, users can access more specific information by clicking on Current_Release.


The "Class counts from old => new build" under "ACEDB databases" is very helpful. It is a straightforward list telling people the changes on each class of data. For example, in the release note for WS97, Class counts showed significant increases in Homol_data, Microarray_results and person_ name, meaning there are new data for these classes.