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Microarray Data:

WormBase holds published microarray data performed using either Affymetrix chips or chips from the Stanford Microarray Database. These data can be accessed from the Gene Summary Page for each individual genes. Due to the completely different experimental procedures, the two kinds of microarray data are displayed differently.


Data from one set of experiments are listed as a table. Sometimes you will see two tables from one paper, because two PCR products (SMD) or target sequences (Affymetrix) were used to probe one gene. The PCR products and target sequences (Microaray_aff) are dynamically mapped to the C. elegans genome, so that the information will not become outdated. Please notice that the name of PCR_product or Microarray_aff may not represent the actual gene to which it corresponds.

Sample display table for Affymetrix microarray data:


Sample display table for SMD microarray data:


Clustering Data:

WormBase also present published Microarray clustering data. The information can be accessed from the table displaying microarray data. More Details For more details on how the Affymetrix and SMD microarray experiments were performed, please view the documents provided by the authors. Here is a page provided for Affymetrix microarray provided by Craig Hunter.