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This page is designed to assist in the selection of SNPs and visible genetic markers for mapping experiments. The seach results will yield a list of loci and details on how to score the mutant phenotype.


As an example we will search for genetic and physical loci around the pab-1 locus. We will search for all loci, Snip-SNPs and predicted and confirmed SNPs. Other features can be added as well (ease of scoring, mating efficiency, whether to exclude lethals, and the availabilty of the strains).


The information about resulting loci can be retrieved by clicking on the corresponding link. For example, by clicking on snp_Y106G6H.1 we can see the exact nucleotide change in this polymorphism, probability that the polymorphism exists, etc..


The resulting map can also be re-centered. This allows "one-click" search of the region neighbouring the original search region.


Click on "Recenter this view on snp_F45H11.1" for example, and compare the new map display with the old one shown above: