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Batch information retrieval is very convenient for presentation of different types of data in the form of a table. There are two ways to do this. First, one can use a set of prefabricated queries. Alternatively, one can create one's own queries.


The list of prefabricated queries allows one to download large data sets. For example, all genes of a certain group can be retrieved. To select them go to the Prefab Query pull down menu. There you can retrieve all partially confirmed genes, all confirmed genes, all genes with CGC names, all C. briggsae genes, all pseudogenes, all RNA genes, all genetically defined genes, and all genetically defined genes that have been cloned. You can also retrieve all spliced, unspliced, or translated sequences in your gene set. This option is also listed under the prefabricated query pull down menu.


If you are interested in more information about a particular gene set, you can create your own queries. As an example let's retrieve the data about three genes glp-1, pab-1 and fog-1. Select one subfield from each of the following fields: Wormbase IDs, Database IDs, Gene Info, Protein, Phene, and Sequence.


The output with these parameters fits on one screen when in HTML format. You can vary the types of data retrieved according to your needs.


  • Please note that when multiple transcripts for a gene are availvable, one has to specify them explicitly (for example,Y54E10A.4a and Y54E10A.4b, NOT Y54E10A.4). Alternatively, one can use "*" (Y54E10A.4*).