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Name: Michael Paulini

I am working in the wormbase group at the Wellcome Trust Genome campus in Cambridge,UK and responsible for:

  • refactoring / rewriting pipeline scripts
  • our worm EnsEMBL pipeline/database


Biology related

  • cDNAs / ESTs from my previous work at the German cDNA consortium
  • transcriptome analysis of Pongo pygmaeus (Orangutan)
  • SNP association studies for complex diseaes (asthma)
  • lab automatition (Beckmann/Tecan)
  • de-novo design of antimicrobial peptides

IT related

  • postgeSQL (preferred) , mySQL / Oracle / ObjectStore
  • Ruby / Perl / Python
  • Java / C++ / C
  • SML / OCAML (touched it during some Informatics courses)
  • FreeBSD / GNU-Darwin / Linux on PowerPC / BioRuby / Scientific Ruby / OpenSputnik

other things

proposal for GFF3 alignment format: GFF3specProposal