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Update checklist for www.wormbase.org

Task Description Status
Check diskspace on available nodes ssh [node] df -h
Checkout new code Checkout changes into brie3:/usr/local/wormbase-production
Tag software brie3> cvs_tag_release.sh WSXXX // the new version being pushed out
Create software release brie3> create_software_release.sh WSXXX
Package databases brie3> package_databases.pl // Make sure mysql databases are 2775 first!
Update standard urls Edit wormbase/html/standard_urls/standard_urls.xmlk as appropriate
Push software brie3> push_software.sh
Push database brie3> push_database.sh WSVERSION
Restart services brie3> restart_services.sh
Send announcement brie6> send_release_notificiation.pl
Update Release notes on wiki
Update list of new papers brie3> development/build_new_paper_list.pl
Add announcement to the home page