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Sentence Saver

Requests for enhancements October 2010

  • Ability to toggle entire Paper (to hide) and sections of paper (already exists but is not working properly) Done
  • To have the button that loads the sentences more frequently placed, in front of each different paper Done. You can have as many buttons as you want, but you can only have one input section to enter the filename you want to give it, so give that at the top before you start checking on and off sentences
  • When saving sentences to a designated file, currently the tool is overwriting the sentences when given the same file name, not appending, should append if given the same file name.

If you're editing a file that already has data, you should only get to it by clicking "Load Sentence File and Search Categories" or the "Select Sentence File to Make Categories" buttons. You should certainly not be typing in a name of a file that already exists when making a new file. If you've loaded the saved values, the sentences are clicked on, that way you can unclick them and remove sentences. If we changed it so that values are always appended, you could never remove sentences from a file. Please clarify how it should work (this affect everyone else, and I think changing it would break it)

  • Ability to load an external file (this is for the Textpresso team)

probably make them a different ticket, unless they don't want tickets