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File list
Date Name Thumbnail Size Description Versions
13:19, 27 July 2017 P WBout (1).png (file)
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1.04 MB   1
18:43, 20 February 2014 PThomaslego-Whitepaper-2010-03.pdf (file) 307 KB   1
19:48, 4 August 2010 WBGene update pipeline.ppt (file) 19 KB Flow diagram of WBGene info updates from latest WormBase release (WS) and Nameserver. 1
12:23, 21 July 2009 WormBase Paper Type COMMENT.xls (file) 50 KB A comparison of publication type for all WormBase papers currently classified as COMMENT. Table lists the WBPaper ID, the PMID, the PubMed publication type, the WormBase publication type, and what the publication actually is in the journal. 1