Reporting sequence for RNAi

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In order to properly display the information gained from an RNAi experiment on the WormBase website, the curators need to be able to figure out the exact sequence used for interference by the researcher. The best ways to report the sequences in the materials and methods are the following:

Use of Standard primer pairs to report sequence

Reporting of specific primer pairs (e.g. sjj_ZK617.1 or cenix:155-g4 or mv_CAA33463) or library used (e.g. Ahringer) is sufficient.

Use of Genomic Coordinates

Reporting the genomic start and stop coordinates of the RNAi used is also sufficient. e.g. IV:11970667..12012891 or ZK1067:13703..22295 or MtDNA:4504..5613

Use of cDNA/EST/OST Clone names

Reporting the cDNA/EST/OST clone names (e.g. AF071375, yk275g9, OSTR215B4_1)

Use of non-standard primer pairs to report sequence

Please report the primer sequences used for amplification and template for amplification (e.g. Genomic DNA or specific clone)