Random Selection of New Training Set Papers

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Checking random lists of training set papers to verify quality for SVM:

'Yes' means the paper has the data we'd want for training; flagged means it was flagged during manual first pass.

First 20:

WBPaper00032217 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00032287 - yes, author flagged

WBPaper00005250 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00005596 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00004687 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00004976 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00025639 - yes (a meeting abstract, though)

WBPaper00027335 - yes

WBPaper00003219 - yes

WBPaper00024552 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00029101 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00005200 - yes

WBPaper00003994 - yes

WBPaper00005022 - yes

WBPaper00031001 - yes

WBPaper00028383 - yes

WBPaper00031061 - yes

Second 20:

WBPaper00024331 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00027192 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00004737 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00031667 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00006438 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00028472 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00005169 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00005103 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00005833 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00006010 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00006178 - yes, flagged

WBPaper00004136 - yes

WBPaper00004312 - yes

WBPaper00028855 - yes

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