Phenotype2GO Paper Inclusion List

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All papers in the list have the curation flag 'Phenotype2GO' in the paper_editor.cgi

WBPaper00004402 Ahringer, Chromosome I RNAi screen

WBPaper00004403 Gonczy, Chromosome III RNAi cell division screen

WBPaper00004540 Kemphues, RNAi of ovary-enriched genes

WBPaper00004651 Maeda, soaking RNAi 10,000 genes, development, sterility

WBPaper00004769 Hanazawa, RNAi germ-line development

WBPaper00005599 Piano, RNAi, clustering ovary-enriched genes

WBPaper00005654 Kamath, RNAi whole genome

WBPaper00006395 Simmer, rrf-3 whole genome

WBPaper00024497 Rual, ORFeome RNAi screen

WBPaper00024925 Fernandez, Piano RNAi of ovary-enriched ORFeome clones

WBPaper00025054 Sonnichsen, Full genome RNAi of early embryogenesis

WBPaper00026763 Frand, RNAi of molting

WBPaper00005736 Porthof, RNAi of genes that protect genome

WBPaper00026593 Kim, RNAi of RNAi

WBPaper00028783 Cram, RNAi of cell migration

WBPaper00029254 Curran, RNAi of lifespan

WBPaper00030951 Balklava, RNAi of endocytic traffic

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