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PubMed Publication Types

PubMed currently has over ~140 publication types; WormBase only uses a fraction of them.

The full list, as well as an explanation of each type, can be found at: PubMed Publication Types

Publication Types in WormBase

  • For CCC, I'd initially just searched through all paper types, but removing some paper types from the searches would more accurately reflect the real curation pipeline.
  • Eliminating some types is obvious, e.g. MEETING and GAZETTE ABSTRACTS, REVIEWS, but what about the others, e.g. COMMENT, LETTERS, etc?
  • It occurred to me that I don't really know what types of papers are included in some of the other paper types like COMMENT and LETTERS, so it'd be good to know so I can make a better decision about what to include.
  • To start to address this, I looked at all papers in postgres with type COMMENT and checked both their PubMed paper type classification and what these papers actually are in the journals: Summary of Papers Labeled COMMENT
  • This led to the conclusion that type COMMENT should NOT be included in the CCC pipeline.
  • Additional publication types that should be checked: NEWS, NOTE, LETTER, MONOGRAPH, EDITORIAL and perhaps a few others like CORRECTION and ERRATUM
  • This process has also been informative for eventually converting to multiple paper types since we can see what paper types get assigned in PubMed and if there will be any problems if/when we convert to the multiple type model.