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Date Paper - SVM Positive Confidence Score True Positive (strict) True Positive (more lenient) Comment
103009 WBPaper00035315 high Yes Yes tir-1 mutations
103009 WBPaper00035317 medium No Sort of Review, but discusses extent of deletion mutations
103009 WBPaper00035320 high Yes Yes briggsae SHE-1 alleles
103009 WBPaper00035320.sup.1 high No Sort of This is supplemental methods that describe how they identified lesions and contained a Table about temperature-sensitive phenotypes..
103009 WBPaper00035324.sup.1 low No Sort of Fig. S7 shows molecular nature of deps-1 alleles, but not sequenced in this paper.
103009 WBPaper00035327 medium No No Paper discussed daf-2 alleles, but did not sequence them
103009 WBPaper00035328 high No No Paper discussed htz-1 allele, but did not sequence it.
103009 WBPaper00035405 high Yes Yes cwn-2 mutations
103009 WBPaper00035405.sup.6 low No Not really Supplemental Table lists alleles, genotyping primers, and type of polymorphism.
103009 WBPaper00035406 high No No Paper discusses molecular nature of alleles, but did not sequence them.
103009 WBPaper00035406.sup.1 low No No Discussed a number of deletion constructs.
103009 WBPaper00035407 high No No Paper discusses genetic nature of alleles.
111309 WBPaper00035423 high Yes Yes unc-82 mutations
111309 WBPaper00035427 high No No Lots of site-directed mutagenesis, discussion of mutations.
111309 WBPaper00035430 high No No Paper discusses molecular nature of alleles used, but not original cloning/sequencing paper.
111309 WBPaper00035439 high Yes Yes uaf-1 mutations
112009 WBPaper00035459 high No No Discussed binding sites.
112009 WBPaper00035466 high No Sort of Discussed nature of deletion allele, but did not sequence; some site-directed mutagenesis.
112009 WBPaper00035468 high Yes Yes seqchange in Experimental Procedures
112009 WBPaper00035477 high Yes Yes pst-1/let-462 mutations
112909 WBPaper00035479 high No No Discusses nature of alleles, but no sequencing.
Precision (all confidence): 30% Precision (all confidence): 52%
Precision (high confidence): 44% Precision (high confidence): 69%

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