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Tuesday May 28, 5th floor kitchen


Release total tharris acabunoc jdmswong joejimbo unassigned due
WS238 51 13 22 1 1 6 5 days
WormMine Beta 34 4 2 17 0 0 IWM


  • Development deadline - this week
  • To be released early/mid June

GBrowse (Joachim)

  • bioproject ids causing some issues
  • figuring out updated source/methods
    • recording these to give to Abby

App update (Abby)

  • will update app for new source/methods
  • also going through other WS238 related issues


Data/app config (JD)

  • working with Intermine developers and WB curators
  • will try to get WS238 for the IWM
    • bioproject id issues w/ chromosome searching

Integration to WB (Abby)

  • will look at this after WS238 deadline
    • single log-in (+ Joachim for gbrowse log in)
    • branding