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All meetings: WebDev Issues Meetings

Thursday April 24th, 10:30am, 5th Floor NW Boardroom

Code review

no items for code review

Questions on issues in progress

870: Full history not being shown for some dead genes

JD - issue #870

  • Paul has new comments - address issues he brings up
  • TODO: see if any changes are actually needed

1065: Gene Page History Widget additions

JD - issue #1065

  • TODO: add new objects, review tomorrow

Cytoscape walkthrough

  • review progress on the following:
    • distinguish between interactions associated with the process and 'nearby' interactions

TODO: will walk through this tomorrow

Installing WormBase


  • TODO: try installing on - /usr/local/wormbase/website/jbaran

741: Cell lineage browsing using Cytoscape?

JD - issue #741

  • not working on this till after we've brought Cytoscape into Process page

Triage new issues

1107: Gene Regulation widget should be removed for WS237

Joachim - issue #1107

  • just remove widget from wormbase.conf

WS237 issues

Abby - WS237 issues

Other notes


  • you can check if staging updated properly
  • "pull changes to"