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Thursday April 2nd, 10:30am, JD's desk Rescheduled to 2pm, since we started late

Code review

no items for code review

Questions on issues in progress

954: Gene Summary - Overview should show Dead genes which have been Merged_into another

issue #954

  • rewrote history method (good!)
  • TODO: to add link to gene again, push to staging when this is done
  • TODO: add new gene info to the Overview widget - use the css class you see on errors [ui-state-error]

Cytoscape walkthrough

  • Review applying Role/ to
  • Hadn't applied Role/ to
  • TODO - try applying Role/ to

741: Cell lineage browsing using Cytoscape?

issue #741

  • not working on this till after we've brought Cytoscape into Process page

Triage new issues

will focus on Cytoscape, no new issues