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Code review issues that have met development deadline

Issues (868, 889) that have met their development deadline. Time to code review before push to dev.

868: Person page changes (JD)

issue #868

  • problem with old_institutions is a back-end data problem
  • removed date display in template
  • merged to dev using new [development workflow]
  • ready for testing

889: Person Summary : Multiple lab affiliations (JD)

issue #889

  • hadn't been looked at
  • pushed development deadline to March 12, will code review then

Questions on any issues in progress

899: Access to Motif data is limited on WB2.0 - Protein pages (JD)

issue #899

  • No questions/issues, hadn't started
  • pushed development deadline to March 14, will code review then

Triage new issues

922: Anatomy ontology widget redesign

issue #922

  • assigned to JD
  • will walkthrough March 14 before development
  • development deadline: March 19, will code review then