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Thursday March 28th, 10:30am, JD's desk

Code review

no items for code review

Questions on issues in progress

954: Gene Summary - Overview should show Dead genes which have been Merged_into another

issue #954 TODO: two parts: 1) fix history table display. 2) Add new gene to overview

Triage new issues

741: Cell lineage browsing using Cytoscape?

issue #741 TODO: wait to start this after we've integrated cytoscape to the Process page

Cytoscape walkthrough

We'll look at the code needed to add a Cytoscape interactions widget on the Process page

  • Important files:
    • API/Role/
      • Contains the API methods needed to return the interaction data in the format needed for the Cytoscape displays
    • templates/shared/fileds/interaction_details.tt2
      • Calls the js to start Cytoscape, passes interaction data through
    • js/wormbase.js
      • loads the Cytoscape plugin, sets some display configuration

TODO: Try applying Role/ to