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Tuesday March 26th, 10:30am, JD's desk

Code review

no items for code review

Questions on issues in progress

no items in progress

Triage new issues

954: Gene Summary - Overview should show Dead genes which have been Merged_into another

issue #954

Discussion: types of issues

We'll look at the type of work you're doing with Intermine and decide what types of issues you should focus on

  • keep looking at data issues
    • help you understand the data model more and how we're using the data
  • more app-related issues
    • can help when you're integrating intermine features into our app
  • start doing more javascript/css/html
    • start building skills you may need for the intermine web app

Current InterMine work:

  • Parsing data model, extracting data
  • Management of relationships, duplicates, and various IDs

Future InterMine work:

  • Modification of JSP webapp
    • Java
    • Javascript
  • Open to suggestion

Action Items

  • Will start js/css/html projects
    • start with Cytoscape on Process page - walkthrough on March 28
  • Will keep assigning data issues
  • Hold-off on app issues