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Thursday March 19th, 10:30am, JD's desk

Code review

Try to close all these by today

899: Access to Motif data is limited on WB2.0 - Protein pages

issue #899

  • site looks good
  • TODO: comment to let ppl know they can test

942: User: CDS summary page feature request

issue #942

  • commit
  • code looks good, page looks good. Let curators know they can test.
  • commented to let curators know they can test
  • TODO: close issue when curators approve

889: Person Summary : Multiple lab affiliations

issue #889

  • Review changes for Mary Ann
  • pushed code to make changes for Mary Ann
  • TODO: wait for staging to update OR let Todd know staging didn't update
  • TODO: comment to let Mary Ann know she can test

Questions on issues in progress

654: Feature Summary flanking sequence model change

issue #654

  • TODO: finish by March 21
  • Model change, need to finish this week before caching

Triage new issues

724: Feature Request: I like the Alleles table in the Gen...

issue #724

  • This is a data-display issue
  • TODO: try to finish this week if possible, or else move back to WS237 release