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  • looked at new testing workflow
  • add 'under testing' tag to issues pushed to staging


Code review

889: Person Summary : Multiple lab affiliations (JD)

issue #889

  • Comment by Mary An, will continue work on this
  • Pushed back to March 14

870: Full history not being shown for some dead genes

issue #870

  • Comment by PD - will reopen if Paul doesn't sign off

Questions on issues in progress

899: Access to Motif data is limited on WB2.0 - Protein pages (JD)

issue #899

  • development deadline: March 14
  • Looked at legacy code: /usr/local/wormbase/website/classic/...

=== 922 Anatomy ontology widget redesign (JD) === issue #922

  • We'll walk through this issue before development begins
  • development deadline: March 19
  • Done by Todd

Triage new issues

942: User: CDS summary page feature request

issue #942

  • development deadline March 19
  • just add column with some math