InterMine Strategy Meeting: May 14, 2013

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JD, Raymond



  • Finish documentation
    • Assigned to Raymond
  • Establish weekly call schedule
  • Familarize Raymond with InterMine workings
  • Figure out technical conference call details

Progress since previous meeting (May 9th)

Action items for JD

Action items for Raymond



  • Create versioned folders of XML representing various acedb releases. Build mine off of these. Can be used to resurrect old mines.
  • Next call 12pm Tuesday

Action items


  • Complete documentation by Tuesday
    • lists, templates sections
  • Look over ~/.intermine/
  • Look over wormmine/webapp/resources/
  • Find out how to extract version of data in acedb
aceperl: my $version = $db->version;
tace: status -database


  • Add rlee as a postgres user
    • done
  • Create data verification and template creation issues intended for curators, tomorrow