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The main Web site for WormBase. It is meant to be slightly less bleeding-edge than the development site, but to be maximally stable.

The development Web site for WormBase. This site runs the latest release of the WormBase data, allowing any bugs in the data or their presentation to be caught before being put on the main site. If one wants the absolutely latest information on C. elegans, this is therefore the site to use (the main site lags by two weeks, the interval between successive data releases). New additions to the site software are tested here first as well.

WormBook is an on-line anthology of over 70 articles reviewing a great deal of current knowledge about C. elegans biology in 2005. All articles are provided in both HTML and PDF format, and are freely downloadable. Along with its two predecessors (Wood, 1988; Riddle et al., 1997), WormBook is strongly recommended for anybody starting work on this organism or studying it.

The Web site for the archival WS150 release of WormBase's data. The advantage of this site is that the data do not change, and thus can be used for reliable cross-comparison of bioinformatical analyses by different research groups at different times. Similar sites exist for several previous tenth releases (e.g., WS140: and future archival sites are planned for roughly once every 7 months.

The User's Guide for WormBase.

Web Resources for C. elegans - this link is not part of the original Wiley chapter

WormBook's WormMethod chapter by Raymond Lee containing core web resources for C. elegans research

This FTP site contains archives of the wormpep and wormrna files, and the core software for running WormBase as a local installation.

The California Institute of Technology mirror site for WormBase maintained by Erich Schwarz (

The Greek mirror site for WormBase, maintained by Nektarios Tavernarakis (

This FTP site contains the complete releases of WormBase's data (typically the most recent two, along with permanently archived releases such as WS100 through WS150).

The public atlas of C. elegans anatomy, with several key references for worm anatomy on line, including White et al. (1986).

A useful site with links to worm literature and genetic strain information, maintained by Leon Avery (

Links to several other C. elegans databases are collected here.

This site gives extensive documentation for the Gene Ontology system, increasingly used for functional annotation in WormBase.


Erich M. Schwarz California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California

Paul W. Sternberg Howard Hughes Medical Institute California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California