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Do I need to make a new category?

    Textpresso categories are an excellent tool for finding specific information in the literature.  The current C. elegans
    implementation has over 100 categories for use in searching and retrieval.  
    For any Textpresso implementation, there is likely some vocabulary that is specific to that implementation and will need
    to be included as categories.  For example, categories of organism-specific gene and protein names (official as well as
    synonyms) are essential.  In addition, categories of anatomy terms, both gross and subcellular, as well as life cycle or
    life stage terms are critical for retrieving curatable information.
    But what about other terms?  How do I know when an existing category is sufficient, when an existing category is close but
    could use some additional terms or editing, or when I need a new category entirely?
    Ideas:  a version of the category editor that gave a frequency analysis from a set of positive sentences and mapped the
    results onto existing categories.

How do I edit an existing category for my implementation?

    Ideas: Are existing categories easily downloaded as text files?  
           What are the prospects for a simple category editor?

How do I create a new category?

    The best way to create a new Textpresso category is to collect a set of sentences that describe the data type or 
    information you'd like to curate and perform a word frequency analysis.  
    WormBase has a sentence saver tool that helps curators do this.

How do I use the sentence saver tool?

   The functionality of the sentence saver allows a curator to save positive sentences from their data type, perform a word
   frequency analysis on those sentences, and select relevant words for making a new category.
   1. From the home page, select your name from the drop-down list and click on the Login button.
   2. On the next page, you'll be presented with a box for entering paper IDs and two options for action: Load Sentence File
      and Query Papers OR Select Sentence File to Make Categories.
   3. If this is the first time you're using the Sentence Saver, enter a list of positive papers from which you'd like to save 
      sentences and click on Load Sentence File and Query Papers.
   4. Need textpresso-dev to be back up to accurately finish the documentation.

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