Hinxton 2015.06- Meeting minutes

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June 2015

June 16, 2015

In attendance: KH, MP, BB, JL, TD, PD, GW


  • 3posters from Hinxton
    • Gene curation strategies
    • Gene curation toools (Web-Apollo)
    • Parasitic worms in WormBase
  • All posters printed (as well as Mary Ann's)
  • KH and MP will jointly present in workshop


  • OICR and Caltech record minutes of their weekly meetings on the WormBase wiki.
  • We should do the same.


  • Finished adding support for Track Hubs in WB ParaSite
  • Also fixed some bugs in ParaSite mart
  • Creating track hubs for RNASeq data in tapeworms
  • In communication with Caltech about extending GO curation into the ParaSites
  • Talked about adding interface into the Panther TE enrichment to ParaSite and WormBase

Gene Curation

  • Preparation of C. briggsae database to re-start curation
  • Review of transcript data for S. ratti
  • Started looking at Zmap (after looking at WebApollo)
  • Fixed some RNASeq meta-data

Database migration

  • Started work on Datomic->Ace converter (will allow us to replace components of out database hairball one at a time)
  • TD presented at Kersey group meeting

Build / development

  • More work on UCSC assembly hub