Handling Corrections and Errata

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Corrections and errata are not indexed by PubMed, even though journals sometimes erroneously send these publications to PubMed. When this happens, the correction or erratum will appear in PubMed with a PMID, but will later be removed when PubMed realizes what type of publication it is. The PMID is then made invalid and so a paper object in WormBase that corresponds to the correction/erratum will have an invalid PMID. For this reason, I haven't approved corrections or errata in the paper editor.

It would, I think, be good to have corrections and errata in the WB paper collection, though, but if we want them we'll need to develop a new pipeline for that.

We could search PubMed for papers in our collection that now have an entry in the <CommentsCorrectionsList> XML tag.

List of WBPaper IDs and PMIDs that have associated corrections or errata:

 PMID:21052706     WBPaper00037751
 PMID:21408228     WBPaper00038277

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