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There are 3 papers that currently use the Erratum tag, although there are likely many more Errata that we just don't have in the database. Ideally, it'd be good to collect all of the Errata, but that job will come after the model change.

Here's how we'll populate the data in the new model:

WBPaper00004137 has one published erratum, WBPaper00004301


Erratum_in WBPaper00004301

Type Journal_article


Erratum_for WBPaper00004137

Type Published_erratum

ALSO, these two papers were merged and they shouldn't have been. We need to unmerge them. In general, original papers and erratum should NOT be merged; they are two separate publications.

ALSO, WBPaper00004301 has Interaction objects associated with it; these should be removed since the objects are associated with the original paper, WBPaper00004137. I don't know who is now handling the interaction data, Xiaodong? Perhaps she can correct this in the .ace file.

WBPaper00003297 has three published errata: WBPaper00003344, WBPaper00003456, WBPaper00026886


Erratum_in WBPaper00003344

Erratum_in WBPaper00003456

Erratum_in WBPaper00026886

Type Journal_article


Erratum_for WBPaper00003297

Type Published_erratum


Erratum_for WBPaper00003297

Type Published_erratum


Erratum_for WBPaper00003297

Type Published_erratum

ALSO, we need to make sure we have PDFs of all the erratum.

ALSO, the new version of the paper editor will need to have at least three lines for Erratum_in

WBPaper00026959 has one published erratum, WBPaper00027096


Erratum_in WBPaper00027096

Type Journal_article


Erratum_for WBPaper00026959

Type Published_erratum