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Links on this page are out of date.

1. get a list of terms that include "touch receptor neuron" and all
children terms.


2. get a list of all anatomy terms
remove the 9 terms from above, save as anatomy_terms (lines of anatomy term ID ONLY).

3. get a list of all 'live' Ce genes, 2nd dataset of anatomy term "touch
receptor neuron" incl. child terms.
<"touch receptor neuron"|wormbase_gene.default.filters.identity_status."Live"|wormbase_gene.default.filters.species_selection."Caenorhabditis elegans"&ATTRIBUTES=wormbase_anatomy_term.default.attributes.anatomy_term|wormbase_gene.default.attributes.gene>

4. get a list of all 'live' Ce genes, 2nd dataset of anatomy terms in

(second Dataset Filters->Identification->[Anatomy Term] ID(s)->Browse to upload the file anatomy_terms (a list of IDs only).

5. find any gene that is in gene list 3 but not in gene list 4.

as of WS189, this results in four genes WBGene00000548 (removed in WS190), WBGene00003168, WBGene00003471, WBGene00003179