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Download the set of all RNAi experiments that resulted in an embryonic lethal (Emb) phenotype, and in which the target genes are classified as serine/threonine kinases.

  • Start a new WormMart query and;
    • Select the latest database and the RNAi dataset
  • Within the Filter section;
    • Under Phenotype, Enable the Limit to Phenotype Primary Name filter, and select the embryonic lethal option,
  • Within the lower Dataset section;
    • For the Second Dataset select GO Term as we will use this dataset to filter for serine/threonone kinases,
    • Within the Go Term's Filter section, Enable the Limit to GO Term ID(s) filter, and enter GO:0004674 (protein serine/threonine kinase activity)

  • Within the RNAi Attribute section;
    • In the RNAi section, select RNAi WB ID,
    • In the Phenotype section, select Observed Phen Info (merged),
    • In the Inhibits Gene section, select Gene Info (merged),
    • In the Experiment section, select Author (merged)
  • Click <Results> button to produce the results shown [HERE].

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