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Example 1: List all synonyms for the following genes; bli-1, egl-43, lag-1

  • Start a new WormMart query: [HERE].
  • On initial page;
    • Select the latest database release,
    • Select the Gene dataset, 
    • The <count> button on the top left of the page will report the number of genes in the dataset.
  • Click the Filters link in the navigation panel on the left of the page;
    • Expand the Identification section by clicking on it,
    • Enable the Limit to Gene ID(s) of Type - Public/CGC Name filter,
    • Paste the gene IDs bli-1, egl-43, lag-1 into the text box,
    • Click <count> to see the number of genes selected, 
  • Click the Attributes link on the navigation panel,
    • Expand the Identification section;
    • Enable the Gene Public Name and Sequence Names (CDS) (merged) attributes.
  • Click the <Results> button, which will load the results as shown on this [HERE].
  • Note that the gene synonyms in the export are combined in a single table cell. To get a row per synonym rather than a row per gene;
    • Return to the Attributes page,
    • Disable the Sequence Names (CDS) (merged) attribute,
    • Enable the Sequence Names (CDS) attribute,
    • Click the <Results> button, which will load the results as shown on this [HERE].

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