Cell death

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Cell death

[Programmed cell death: Developmental] [Programmed cell death: Germ line] [Necrosis] [Autophagy]

Programmed Cell Death: Developmental

Developmental Cell Death in C. elegans

Pcdfig2 s.png

Steps and processes


"...a cell is instructed to undergo programmed cell death..."

Killing Phase

"...the apoptotic program is activated in the cell instructed to die..."

Execution Phase

"...cells are dismantled and subsequently engulfed by neighboring cells..."


cells that die

map onto animal/link to anatomy pages

Cell programs

  • division
  • differentiation
  • death
  • division in male
  • differentiation in hermaphrodite
  • differentiation in male
  • death in hermaphrodite
  • division in hermaphrodite


Programmed Cell Death: Germ line

Germline Cell Death in C. elegans