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Development (Web Dev)

<categorytree mode=pages>Development General (Web Dev)</categorytree>

Main Website (Web Dev)

  • Application overview - An overview of the web application, including MVC structure, request flow, caching, etc

<categorytree mode=pages >Main Website (Web Dev)</categorytree>

GBrowse (Web Dev)

<categorytree mode=pages> GBrowse (Web Dev) </categorytree>

Mobile Website (Web Dev)

<categorytree mode=pages>Mobile Website (Web Dev)</categorytree>

QA (Web Dev)

Developers care about quality! <categorytree mode=pages>QA (Web Dev)</categorytree>

Architecture (Web Dev)

Architecture category deals with Installations, Setting up and Configuring systems (particularly the more complex and less common ones).

For routine tasks, refer to category: Maintenance (Web Dev). <categorytree mode=pages>Architecture (Web Dev)</categorytree>