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Textpresso scans the paper for an e-mail address based on the '@'. The first e-mail it finds is used as the author to contact.

The first line with @ stuff is here :

which gets parsed into emails on tazendra here : /home/postgres/work/pgpopulation/afp_papers/textpresso_emails (the first thing is a bit junky, but that's the source)

These are the papers that have textpresso body :

This doesn't work with all journals

  • BMC journals in which there may be a systematic problem with a consistent pattern of having a "* - " right in front of the corresponding author's e-mail.

6/20/09 The code was changed to kludge this particular problem to look for the "* -"

Continuing problems, which results in no author e-mail sent:

  • the email isn't correct because of tokenizing (e.g. 00032111 and 00032933 splits the sentence in the

middle of the email because of a dot (BMC journals))

  • the PDF is a provisional PDF

Articles whose authors will not be requested for first-passing include:

  • any article with no e-mail contact information
  • old articles
  • book chapters