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Currently, genes or proteins mentioned in the abstracts get associated with papers. (This was not always the case.)

Are abstracts enough? Here's the data:

Number WBPaper ID Genes associated via abstract Genes associated via curator (done or in theory) Percentage overlap
1 00032891 cnc-2, dbl-1 cnc-1, cnc-2, cnc-3, cnc-4, cnc-5, daf-3, daf-4, dbl-1, lon-2, mpk-1, pmk-1, sma-2, sma-3, sma-4, sma-6, sma-9, tir-1, tol-1, cnc-11 10.5%
2 00032488 none 50+ (mostly in two different Figures, only ~15-20% mentioned in the text) 0%
3 00032489 ain-1, ain-2, let-7, lin-4 cog-1, daf-12, hbl-1, let-7, lin-4, lin-14, lin-28, lin-41, ain-2, ain-1 40%
4 00032508 none maybe myo-2 as a marker for their assay 0%
5 00032509 lgg-1, sepa-1
6 00032506 unc-5, unc-6, unc-40, unc-129
7 00034710 0
8 00035402 lin-42
9 00031936 cnb-1, npr-1, tax-2, tax-4, tax-6
10 00030829 (tons of supplemental files) che-1
11 00030846 0 aha-1, cky-1 0%
12 00035489 eat-16, egl-10 eat-16, egl-10, WBGene00011531 (rsbp-1)

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