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Papers flagged by authors for mapping data

WBPaper ID Author comments

(checked means the author flagged the data type but left no additional comments)

Date the data type was flagged
00035152 bah-1 was previously mapped to a region deleted by the deficiency hDf17. YAC clones Y53A2, Y47H9, Y53C10, and Y47H10 span this region. After complementation with Y53A2, cosmids spanning this YAC were obtained: T02A8, M04D5,C27D12,C27C7, ZK1025, K08C9, F32B4, F15D3, and C17D12. Only cosmid ZK1025 complemented the Bah phenotype. 2009-10-18
00035239 Norspermidine resistance was linked to deletion in the catp-5 gene. 2009-10-12

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