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This page represents the current information about the WormBase gene association file. Click here for an archive of outdated/obsolete information about the WormBase gene association file.

Gene Association File (GAF) format

The original Gene Association File (GAF) format was specified within the Gene Ontology consortium to specify how gene associations to Gene Ontology (GO) terms would be reported in a tab-delimited download file.

To view the (now deprecated) GAF 2.0 format specification, visit:


To view the (now stale, but not quite deprecated) GAF 2.1 format specification, visit:


To view the latest GAF 2.2 format specification, visit:


WormBase ontology gene association files

WormBase provides a gene association file for each of the various ontologies that WormBase uses, essentially providing a single annotation associating a gene to an ontology term on a single row of the tab-delimited output file.

Current WormBase gene association files can always be found on the WormBase FTP site here:


Anatomy association file

The anatomy association file (associating genes to anatomical entities where the gene product has been reported to be expressed) has a general name like:


where WSXXX refers to the relevant release number. The file for the WS277 release of WormBase is called: