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Curator Comments/Description


// ?Y2H - 14-04-2004
// stores yeast two-hybrid data, initially for Interactome data

?YH Evidence #Evidence
    Interactor Bait PCR_bait UNIQUE ?PCR_product XREF YH_bait
                    Sequence_bait UNIQUE ?Sequence XREF YH_bait
                    Bait_overlapping_CDS ?CDS XREF YH_bait #Evidence
                    Bait_overlapping_gene ?Gene XREF YH_bait #Evidence
               Target PCR_target UNIQUE ?PCR_product XREF YH_target
                      Sequence_target UNIQUE ?Sequence XREF YH_target
                      Target_overlapping_CDS ?CDS XREF YH_target #Evidence
                      Target_overlapping_gene ?Gene XREF YH_target #Evidence
    Library_screened Text INT //wrmcDNA or TF libraries times_found
    Experiment_type UNIQUE Y2H
                           Directed_Y1H Text
    Interactome_type UNIQUE Interactome_core_1
    Origin From_laboratory UNIQUE ?Laboratory
    Reference ?Paper XREF YH
    Remark ?Text #Evidence

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