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Curator Comments/Description


// ?Strain class

?Strain  Evidence #Evidence
         Genotype Text
         Contains  Gene  ?Gene XREF Strain
                   Variation  ?Variation XREF Strain 
                   Rearrangement         ?Rearrangement XREF Strain
                   Clone ?Clone XREF In_strain            
                   Transgene ?Transgene XREF Strain
         Properties  Males Text
                     Reference_strain Text
                     Outcrossed Text
                     Mutagen Text
                     CGC_received DateType
                     Phenotype ?Phenotype XREF Strain #Phenotype_info
                     Phenotype_not_observed ?Phenotype XREF Not_in_Strain #Phenotype_info //added by Wen to separate Not phenotype from real phenotypes 
         Location ?Laboratory #Lab_Location
         Made_by Text
         Remark ?Text #Evidence
         Reference ?Paper XREF Strain
         Species UNIQUE ?Species // added by krb [021021]

Proposed Changes

Updated unused tags in this model.



Unused tags Removed for WS236