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Curator Comments/Description


// ?SO_term class - krb 30062004

?SO_term Term ?Text
         Located_sequence_feature UNIQUE Junction
         Synonym ?Text
         Definition ?Text
         Parent Is_a ?SO_term XREF Is
                Part_of ?SO_term XREF Part
                Derived_from ?SO_term XREF Derived
         Child Is ?SO_term XREF Is_a
               Part ?SO_term XREF Part_of
               Derived ?SO_term XREF Derived_from
         Attributes_of Feature ?Feature XREF SO_term
         Ancestor   ?SO_term XREF Descendent
         Descendent ?SO_term XREF Ancestor
         Version SOFA_ontology   UNIQUE Float  // Analogous to GO, the SO version number is only to be attached
                 SOFA_definition UNIQUE Float  // to three parent SOFA terms under Located_sequence_feature

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